Our People

Our Vision

We aim to be an organisation that benefits all the people with whom it interacts and enables its workforce to realise their full potential.

We take into account our impacts on the people both within and outside the boundaries of our organisation, considering our effects on our suppliers and our local communities as well. The People section of our Sustainability Report contains further information, including an analysis of our performance. Below is a selection of our key performance indicators in this area.

Health and Safety

We maintain a Group Health & Safety Policy which set out our management of safety in the workplace. Our European Distribution Centres, and our Akron Brass business are certified to the OHSAS 18001:2007 standard for health and safety management (certificates are available from the individual businesses upon request).

In the US, our two largest distribution centres, MCM and Gaffney are qualified to our internally developed “Safety Star” (Safety Through Accountability and Recognition) standard. The certification process requires that; supervisors encourage safe work practices, promotes regular safety observations, employees are held accountable for working safely and regularly encourages employee contributions to improve safety at their facility.

  Our 2010 target Our 2010 performance
Recordable injuries per 100,000 hours worked < 0.56 0.31
Days-Away-from-Work (DAW) injuries per 100,000 hours worked < 0.18 0.15

Our suppliers

We engage with our suppliers on environmental and social matters and, where possible, use our relationships to influence their approach to corporate social responsibility. We deal with over 4,000 suppliers around the world, maintaining a supplier policy (in English and Chinese) that is based on the guidelines of the Ethical Trading Initiative. We carry out audits on our active Private Label suppliers, 50% of which have completed workplace standards surveys, and 25% of which have been audited by trained members of our Strategic Sourcing Group.

Employee Development

We have made a commitment to put people at the heart of our organisation. Our talent management strategy is a fundamental step in us doing exactly that and also supporting the organisation in delivering its strategic commitments.

With approximately 4,000 employees, we recognise the significant strategic value of investing in developing our people to be the best in their class. This provides them with valuable skills that can be used throughout their careers and ensures that our talent pool is consistently well-trained and supported.

All employees have access to performance reviews with their line managers twice a year, and senior leaders meet for regular reviews of both regional and global talent within the organisation to ensure that the proper support is given to all employees.

We believe that the role of the business in developing all of our employees is to provide the tools and opportunities for people to develop their skills in a way that benefits both them and the business. The tools available to employees include:

  • Personal/Aspiration development plans
  • Mentoring
  • 360 Feedback
  • The “Extra Degree” Programme
  • Volunteering
  • The Online Learning Centre

Community Investment

We use our Community Investment Policy to direct our approach to charitable donations and employee volunteering. All employees are entitled to apply to volunteer during working hours, and we record the time donated and equivalent value.

We focus on a partnership approach to community investment which emphasises our strengths as a business and the value that our skills and expertise can bring to community organisations that we partner with.

  2010 (£000)
Direct cash donations 27
Funds matched by the Group 30
Total donations from Premier Farnell plc 57
Stock donated 0.4
Non-stock goods donated by employees 0.2
Non-stock goods donated by employees 65