We believe that our business will need to evolve in order to be sustainable and to continue delivering profitable growth as the world in which we live changes. With the world population predicted to reach nine-billion people by 2050, consuming 2.3 times the planet’s resources, increasingly living in urban environments and hugely affected by climate change, business needs to react to support sustainable development and mitigate these new risks.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most profitable and sustainable provider of goods and services to EDE’s by 2020. Accounting for our impacts on society and the environment, and proactively working to develop and support solutions to global challenges is not only a “sustainable” way of doing business but, we believe, a source of sustained profitability and real differentiation from our competitors. 

In 2010 we achieved the platinum level in the Business in the Community Corporate Responsibility Index for a second time, recognising the success of our strategy to develop a more sustainable business.