By meeting our customers’ needs for the latest technologies, we offer suppliers the opportunity to seed new products to an extensive, global customer base across a wide range of industry segments, as well as providing an efficient channel for low volume sales.

Our multichannel sales strategy, including the award-winning element14 community, provides suppliers with a differentiating route to market and access to unparalleled customer insights. We are now following the design earlier than ever before by increasing our capability in the early stages of the design lifecycle and new product introduction.

This unique approach is leading our suppliers to partner with us ever more closely. They value our ability to launch new products to market, ensuring that their components are specified in the earliest phases of design and consequently will be required in large volumes when that design reaches production.

Design engineering expertise is highly attractive to our suppliers. Our design services businesses, Embest and AVID Technlogies, enhance our new product introduction capability and allow us to partner with suppliers even more closely as they develop and launch their latest innovations.

Suppliers appreciate our increasing interaction with customers through the web. They benefit from insightful data on emerging technologies, evolving customer trends and our innovative global eSupplier strategy, while our online capabilities also satisfy our engineering customers’ requirement for rich web-centric content.

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