Our Strategy

At Premier Farnell we are always looking forward and finding new and innovative ways to grow our business. Our strategy is designed to enable the Group to take advantage of the considerable opportunities afforded by our global markets, optimising financial performance against ever changing market conditions.

Our strategy is simple and centred in three core pillars:

  1. Focus on customer centric segments of the electronics market
  2. Providing a differentiating multichannel environment
  3. Internationalising our business model, especially in the faster growing emerging markets

The foundation of our approach is to get close to our customers and listen to their varying needs. By using this insight to drive enhancements to our customer proposition, we seek to provide a personalised offering to our targeted customers.

Our ability to tailor customer relationships is enabled by our multichannel sales and marketing resources. We combine commerce and community through extensive traditional channels, such as field sales and contact centre resources, with innovative eCommerce interfaces, including the element14 Community.

Premier Farnell is a global business with over 80% of sales from outside the United Kingdom. The opportunity to benefit from growth in electronics in the world’ emerging economies is exciting. We are internationalising our model, particularly China, India and Eastern Europe where we have built infrastructure and capability to capitalise on these opportunities.