Graduate Testimonials

At Premier Farnell we want to ensure we bring in the best people, with the right level of knowledge and understanding. Here a number of our graduates who have been recruited recently say what it is about Premier Farnell that makes them want to stay.


Nishant Nishant

Global Intelligence Analyst, Premier Farnell

I joined Farnell just over a year ago as a Marketing Executive for the UK and Ireland, following a challenging yet engaging graduate recruitment event. I particularly enjoyed the transparency of the process, where candidates were allowed to speak to employees, ask questions, and visit their work areas. It really gave all candidates a clear insight into life at Farnell Europe.

Like most graduates I am looking for a great career – a desire to be the best in my profession, while working for the best in the Industry. Working for Farnell Europe, I have the latter covered and the fast paced nature of a high service distributor challenges and shapes me every day in my quest to become the best in my profession. The support from the senior leaders and my colleagues has been tremendous, there is a genuine sense of mutual collaboration and team work across the business. I am empowered in every aspect of my role to deliver the best results with every resource at my convenience.

Nadine Hanna

Sales Marketing Manager, Newark element14

I remember the frantic days searching for a job as a senior in college. What did I want in an employer? I couldn’t really name specifics, but if I knew then what I know now, it would be one that exemplifies world class characteristics like I have found at element14. As I reflect on the past four years of my professional work experience, I am proud to be a part of the element14 family. I have traveled to and worked in multiple parts of the business, gaining invaluable cross-functional experience. I also have the opportunity to enrich my development by participating on global teams and working with colleagues in the UK and Singapore. It is these developmental and diverse opportunities that have laid the foundations for my career.