Diversity and Inclusion

At Premier Farnell we believe the world is a rich and diverse place, full of interesting cultures and people from many different backgrounds from whom there is a great deal to learn. As a global business we know that employing diverse and talented people gives us a more balanced organisation, which represents society, and helps us to adapt quickly to changing situations and make better informed decisions.

Doing this well is central to our employer brand and helps us to attract and retain talent – giving us competitive differentiation. Our vision is to create a culture where everyone feels respected and valued and can contribute to their full potential. This means that in our organisation there should be no barriers to recruiting, retaining and developing talent no matter what ethnic origin, belief, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

Our goal is to be inclusive in all that we do and to create an environment where all our talented performers have equal opportunity to realise their aspirations here. This is not just ‘a nice to do’, it is something we believe in and is a commercially sound decision to give us a competitive advantage. Our overall People strategy is to attract, develop and retain a highly diverse workforce.

We will deliver this through three pillars of activity, our ongoing commitment and passion to engagement, our focus on creating a high performance culture and commitment to diversity and inclusion.

There has already has been much activity in many of these areas across the business. Our Global Information Services division has implemented a “Women in Technology” group and our European businesses have implemented affinity groups to  address the interests of different ethnic groups in our organisation.